9. Centred, i.e. adjusted to go in the middle
  10. In animated screams, we often see this part curve up, leap even
  11. Lucy nicely reveals one of many doubts
  12. Recently fired warhead took four out (3 2 4)
  13. Carefully train soul to be an opposite of 27
  14,21 dn. Kinky crow's desires may be cause of confusion, or 22
  15. Sour and dour spiritual sort sheds initial self
  18. Drive learner by the same source again using a circle
  22,1 dn. Quick lap - a broken 13 perhaps?
  24. A big fan of old farm machinery
  27. One of the 14 was seen on the bus
  28. They head government in their families!
  29. One of the 14 near the heart
  30. Create due adjustment to the script? (2-7)
   1. see 22 ac.
   2. In 22ac format, band (still?) rocks!
   3. Couple allowed adornment
   4. Spiritual sort, dour Trev discarded luxury car
   5. Carefully pare clot near the heart
   6. Dog with not many restrictions at night
   7. Grog - our education by the mill!
   8. Such an hour was experienced in the wartime 19s
  16. No scorer arranged the notes they voice
  17. They sound like awesome cats, but they're not authentic
  19. When we are denied the power to fall asleep
  20. Fired up, typsy Che decided to deliver ...
  21. see 14 ac.
  23. ... as trainee sounding most unwavering
  25. Featured removed head being prepared for application of plumage
  26. Islander with large weight gain and loss of identity