A. Storm in Goa upset farming scientist (10)
B. Evaluate it ... fairer? Case for blusher is built around odds of that! (10)
C. China bills organisation for complaint (10)
D. Actor and Princess gaining selection for national side at Olympic Games (8)
E. Explicit, or excitingly stripped back? (6)
F. Loud then quiet movement (4)
G. Ring actor and beg to have right to pursue Olympic glory (8)
H. Shove off using nothing but these? (6)
I. Ones with just consonants between or just ones between continents? (6)
J. Evaluate three in five-ring Olympic event (4)
K. Tucker Nellie enjoyed at heart? (6)
L. Lane close to Kent? (4)
M. 428,571 surround strangely stern musician (8)
N. Oddly boring, he is the American nextdoor (8)
O. Repair is to Pope as despair is to hope (8)
P. Inconsistent, being soft at middle of vocal and heavy at ends (6)
Q. Lines heard from the accused (6)
R. Toast slicer remains unused (6)
S. A set go resisting mixing! (15)
T. Following saucy bit, teenage faces got red and made nervous giggles (8)
U. Ben & Jacob outline scheme that should get no complaint (15)
V. Arrange so it's alive (8)
W. Benefit of coming first in the pecking order (4)
X. Fearing others' hope in a box of trouble (10)
Y. Camellia season (8)
Z. Back in Jamaica I doze to heavenly band (6)