A. Mix with some bass or trombone (6)
B. Round One - Kelly mentioned in the papers (10)
C. Master of mystery originally chosen by espionage recruiter (8)
D. Derridean analyses don't count crises amid chaos (15)
E. Performing sex? Do use human movements (8)
F. Host roof party indeed! (8)
G. In any gag is confusion and contradiction (10)
H. Honourable pop group becomes less repetitive when identified with country (8)
I. I? There isn't one in team - that's the thing! (4)
J. John, for one, immersed in a month without wrong (6)
K. It's often flying gear that wins her heart (4)
L. Get on the craft and lead away! (4)
M. Maximum bailout package for state capital (6)
N. Needle boss about affliction (10)
O. Making a decision hoping to take time off heroin (6)
P. Plugs in room stop wandering (10)
Q. Queer relative is fast turning first cousin into second brother with fiery heart (8)
R. Having space for talking and weeping (6)
S. Bones oddly set, bearing us most (8)
T. Being able to rely on one who rests, it turns out  (15)
U. College boy not doing harmony (6)
V. City bombed under in pursuit of victory (6)
W. Mangles Tungsten bells (8)
X. Centre for Greek sport studies after gonosomes die out (6)
Y. Famous designer of "No. 5" surrounded by positive feedback (4)
Z. What drove some such Ashkenazi on is tsarist restriction (8)