A. The best treatment they embrace: talk. But this may create negative associations (8 7)
B. They are presented with rings of scattered debris (6)
C. Old leader rudely hit in face  (9)
D. High tide in chamber? (4)
E. Rocker lives in style (5)
F. Fine carving, possibly shredding? (8)
G. Erecting construction with no time for routine (7)
H. Such restraint, if nude, chafes badly - i.e. bits removed! (9)
I. Asian - Asvayana in arid, backward region? (7)
J. Struggle had following, ending with respect in India (5)
K. Thinks about capturing good fighters (7)
L. It transfers power through pedigree, making first English King (7)
M. Quantity - not a pony! (5)
N. Backing maiden named "10 in 20", but one short (8)
O. Install more carpet perhaps as investment (6)
P. Stage expression not right (5)
Q. Movement to equal grand kite perhaps (10)
R. Animal is arch-fiend of odd ones out (5)
S. Posted note is tad rude (9)
T. Drew said animal (4)
U. Cushions, or heartlessly maintains uncertainty? (10)
V. Hover about to get ultimate celebrity's initials - such a document can be useful (7)
W. Lunatic rode grown man, who went astray (9)
X. Tongue of ox has deformity (5)
Y. A spot of learning goodbyes - HIV/AIDS cut deep (7)
Z. Where your view of the cosmos is obscured could be where you run away from your problems? (4 2 9)