A.  Ordered A,B,C,... (I.T. a help) (10)
B.  Robot swan actively guarded territory (8)
C.  She plans shots with loose grip on the camera (15)
D.  Stage said to be rebuilt (4)
E.  Fish sleeping, not having zest back (4)
F.  Fool likes my oddly plain talking (6)
G.  Need a gym workout for heavenly body (8)
H.  Some breath in dust animated man (10)
I.  In claim, I set out to be hostile (8)
J.  Dull month following hollow June (6)
K.  African princess joke is harming inclusion (6)
L.  Most wary of steelier characters (8)
M.  Our Italian leader follows Miss America, or a piece thereof (8)
N.  Ridiculous to demean worm (8)
O.  Excesses of love rage so, without beginning or end (8)
P.  Sort of uncorrupted (curt "Don" characters excluded!) (4)
Q.  Slugs fired - force some leaders deployed after Q&A about union (6)
R.  Repays particularly rude extra sales heads hanging around (8)
S.  Being unusually shady cools adolescent times perhaps (10)
T.  Strange legacy - loincloth using the latest equipment (15)
U.  Halting guns? Pure lack of leadership! (6)
V.  Without energy, video turns blank (4)
W.  Dress hat we fashioned for big occasions (10)
X.  With diabolical air, vex great missionary (6)
Y.  Money, a wayward servant (6)
Z.  Dizzy got excited hosting first cell (6)