A. Fruit not returned in Wisconsin city (8)
B. Istanbul a way off providing home for a million Zimbabweans (8)
C. In accordance with Prince, Don's glory ruined (15)
D. Uncertainty if I'd fenced poorly (10)
E. "Getaway" ... adventure without the advertisement break (6)
F. Got tactile with textile (4)
G. Drawn most by working aunt, estranged at heart (8)
H. Haunted Hotel attacked by archers perhaps (8)
I. Sinclair cuts the odd ones out, but he places himself too highly (6)
J. Medicine deployed in ring? (4)
K. He explained how the forces work and keep both hands moving (6)
L. Time dashed as oldest one deteriorated and became not so fast (8)
M. One of Virginia's neighbours is named Larry Bent (10)
N. Sick man's crisis ... placing himself too highly (10)
O. Perhaps stout ram and wily fox might do this (8)
P. Fast food gets a central market location (6)
Q. Pacemen caught out, being replaced by real oddities (6)
R. Ridiculous sale? Rise makes it happen (8)
S. Sinclair cut one out, initially going up to replace hundred and one (8)
T. Into trials... staid characters! (15)
U. Tests surely in as ordered (10)
V. Seeing as part of piano is ivory backing... (6)
W. ... while, as designed, ebony renders smooth tops and some waterproofing (6)
X. Superhuman variety of Special V? (4)
Y. Masters do away with desires (4)
Z. Less conventional one-on-one with mostly nothing around (6)