An Alphabetic Jigsaw Crossword
NB: The first letter of the answer is disregarded in the word play of each clue

Clues: A. Tickled Goddess with tail of bird (6) B. Some of guru's queries more terse (8) C. Ted disappeared (impregnated a traveling party worker) (10) D. Pesto salad for the boss (6) E. Small fish fellows start to face (10) F. A lung disorder due to mould (6) G. Ruled above Edward (8) H. Nervous grouping is dud scheme for getting fish (8) I. Ok to switch later, hence bang redirected (15) J. Ultimately you need to throw someone in this pursuit (4) K. The loon contrived gap in fence (8) L. Get finale composed, distributing notes (10) M. People in Himalayan district (4) N. Tan foal got beaten, but it will survive it (8) O. Reckoned tree had tail (6) P. Turner's ocean offering (4) Q. Well-meaning union, one with someone steering around "it" in return (8) R. For example, one working with metal representing the district (8) S. Shock, awe, tiny grand piano! (8) T. A feminine Italian fish (4) U. Sophisticated bar built by corner (6) V. Assail, if you're using insult (6) W. Stubbornly rejecting what's right: with greed, one's hand forced (15) X. Worried about visitors, one backs populist hero on borders, irritating country's leaders (10) Y. A knee injury to the American (6) Z. Phone using this essentially needed to be charged (6)