A. Flight's redirected if heart of Australia has one (8)
   B. Flight into heart of Canberra's country (6)
   C. Film maker with creative grip on the camera? (15)
   D. Director and film's leads holding back layer of fluff and flakey parts (8)
   E. "Demented Avenger" gets right instrument for groovy recording (8)
   F. It's pointlessness replacing initial boundaries with upper extremes for an event yet to happen (8)
   G. Camps ponies around rural setting with no fancy wheels (6)
   H. Trump on course perhaps - one who rewrites the code? (6)
   I. English opener included in world cricket team - you finally get to live with O'Shea now making half century (3 4)
   J. Sri Lankan opener now making half-century is Raja you say? I suspect duck forgotten! (10)
   K. She might take a punt with extra element (6)
   L. Labor worked hard, but with no hallowed leader of the left (8)
   M. My top idyll: no cold stuff... good as wrapping in cotton wool! (13)
   N. Times bands play improvised sting, getting hot (6)
   O. Norman's green goblin from the east thus brought into the world (6)
   P. Create mystery, without first hint of simple clear material left in (7)
   Q. Local magistrate, some notice, backed intellegence report (4)
   R. Crime dines out on indulged recollections (10)
   S. Returning, finally, Australia's real openers (talents with grip of iron) and, making half century, the golden grand slam hero (6 4)
   T. In turn, greeting replacement for turn at watering hole (6)
   U. State of haut cuisine? (4)
   V. Right disappears, Polish disappear (6)
   W. We hug at having right wrapping... finally quiet as if sealed in wax! (10)
   X. A film maker ultimately should get one immersed in mysteries (4)
   Y. Your first body part ... about an eightieth of a life (4)
   Z. Plant chia mostly in zone under canopy, not in tops (8)