A. This now a movie... as pale copy, bombed! (10)
  B. Capital investment of king into herb is awkward initially (8)
  C. Looking for a fight with deluded Tarantino flock on destroying book's ending (15)
  D. Beastly guitar I have is loud and full of expression (13)
  E. To mix with Big Bird, Fly is silly (8)
  F. Padding and silly frills changing the point (6)
  G. Get hot stuff in poor quarter (6)
  H. Blush in MG crash... such things will bring you down (9)
  I. Lock up the wicked with quiet change to film's ending (6)
  J. Start to overtake (4)
  K. Grass rejected by you: "YUK!" (I know!) (6)
  L. Navigated without quiet song (4)
  M. About 1200km/h, half smoked, so manly! (8)
  N. As usual, many roll around (8)
  O. Love to write novel, perhaps using space (8)
  P. Sickness confined archbishop near Indian city (8)
  Q. Devious docs and curly QC ask to have you finally locked up (6)
  R. Broken up? Reflects paying dues (10)
  S. Stylish tails on gents adorn gala Ritz jazz party (6)
  T. Nice flutes at performance (8)
  U. Old city fellow in a hurry (6)
  V. Drive any direction for a bit of the countryside (8)
  W. Comic character changed vowel and removed 'H' from European river  (9)
  X. Almost a team in the movies (1-3)
  Y. Rich inner part of city to control book endings (4)
  Z. Drug housing for exotic animals mostly top shelf (6)