1. SI: Prissy MP to misinterpret revealing expression (7)
   6. LMi: Paciest surgery is clean (7)
  11. SSV: Figure sum, Bohr set (7)
  12. SSV: John gets surprising win on top of dangerous peak (7)
  13. SSV: More expensive sterilizers, less virulent, taken off (7)
  14. NR: A saint upset about second apostle was the one who was burnt alive (7)
  17. CO: Exclaim surprise, taken aback, by mammal having sex at home (7)
  20. RL: World Series winner, naturally, is showing off! (3)
  21. SA: Is Spanish to dart wildly across a Spanish road (7)
  22. CFJ: Volume one: a point in fiction (3)
  23. SA: A Spanish river's too short for old Italian poet (7)
  24. MC: Snakes having a dump can be found in sewers, perhaps (7)
  25. JJ: Mostly harmless person has ring of fire (7)
  29. LMu: Shift seat around, leaving aside husband and model in carnivals (7)
  33. RL: Madam found to be first programmer! (3)
  34. RVB: Grand nut (or orator) in retirement is seen to be pompous (7)
  35. SA: Here, heading off before ... (3)
  36. SSV: Swimmer's starting to lambast claim of being a victim (7)
  37. JL: Ran the show carelessly, in greed (7)
  38. JL: Tarnish starts to come off -- rust remover usually promotes that (7)
  40. JH: The rain falling - it's on my head (7)
  42. JH: Foreign politician in New York before the Queen comes back (7)
  43. SB: Tribal chief of South America, a Spanish dude and Master of Science (7)
  44. SK: Endures, with sisters around (7)
   1. NB: Consult Anabelle about raisin (7)
   2. CFJ: One known for night visitors was not in time, perhaps (7)
   3. CO: Bad posture for groups of dancers, perhaps (7)
   4. RL: Yes! Buckeye state loses one. (3)
   5. RVB: Styles lead to Californian city (7)
   6. VM: A bad actor followed a supporter of Lincoln perhaps (7)
   7. NB: Briefly studied odd years-old accounting system in China (3)
   8. LMi: Crazy English beast for Spanish crocodile hunter! (7)
   9. RVB: He tilts amazingly for a Scottish honour (7)
  10. SI: Santosh Iyer Gathers clues without an informer (7)
  15. SSV: Fleet follows source of Nile river (7)
  16. NB: A step in the right direction for dancer (7)
  18. VM: A row about German woman's name (7)
  19. SA: Atmosphere ok, they say, if we spend less on this? (7)
  25. NB: Walks around city with stately homes (7)
  26. CO: Starts to cover a modern crib strangely in fine cotton (7)
  27. DMK: Serendipity for Melody (7)
  28. CO: Wild! Animals are shy with dirty toes (7)
  29. SI: Longer hair, with the hairpin in the middle (7)
  30. RL: Enlightens and deifies, more or less (7)
  31. CFJ: They rent for one night, initially, in portable shelters (7)
  32. PGN: Calms by taking Selenium on appointments (7)
  39. RL: Ant Man is in a happy mood (3)
  41. VM: Exist in shared accommodation (3)

All clues composed by Clue-For-The-Day participants at the Facebook Cryptic Crossword Society page.

Key: CFJ: Chris FA Johnson, CO: Camelia Oberoi, DMK: Debbie Manber Kupfer, JH: Joel Hess, JJ: John Johnson, JL: Jeremy Landig, LMi: Luke Mitchell, LMu: Lata Muthanna, MC: Marcus Carli, NB: Neha Bhandari, NR: Neelima Rai, PGN: Phoenix Griffin Newton, RL: Roy Leban, RVB: Rhiannon Vivian-Bolt, SA: Steve Allen, SB: Sudha Bhaskaran, SI: Santosh Iyer, SK: Samit Kallianpur, SSV: SSv Avtaar, VM: Vaibhav Mathur

Additional clues not used...

CO: Rebelliously defies holding one who morally instructs (7)
CO: Feast is cooked for carnivals (7)
CO: So fancy - Riz naughtily having sex with the queen (7)
CO: The powerful unravel or undo time (7)
JH: Sounds like a pig's call to itself in Rome (3)
JH: Wild, numberless Etruscan clergymen (7)
JL: Prices for travel are including sketchy, unlimited tariff (7)
JL: Half of arenas exist (3)
NH: The French legislator really dropped everything for fish (7)
NH: River has new fleet (7)
NH: Selfies tastefully captured celebrations (7)
NH: Queens, New York, previously engaged leading Tanzanian politician (7)
NH: First, man curtailed woman perhaps? (3)
NH: Exclamation of surprise from husband caught between 2 loves (3)
RL: If I can start after a lobbying group, it'll be peaceful (7)
RL: Father ties up Buckingham, Kensington, and others (7)
RL: Scottish emblem ⇨ TLE (7)
RL: Lots of money backing song (7)
RL: Cafeteria mesh are laced with a trace of flavor (7)
RL: Lynn would hear about an Antarctic peak (7)
RVB: Hat covers a bit of the environment (7)
RVB: Peaceful music if I capture returning feature (7)
RVB: First man ran back to a river (7)
RVB: Clerical assistants' rodent is surrounded by signs (7)
SA: Foolish temptation, not apt strangely, to see old composer (7)
SA: Duller? Introduce ecstacy! Lost, I returned and took charge (7)
SA: Doctor takes crazy hours to get in shape (7)
SA: More glamorous hotelier? (7)
SA: PS Tommy played with something like a cough (7)
SA: Confusingly, Saint Paul's not half a saint (7)
SA: Cut off start of material, sew in start of material, hem with piece of cotton material (7)
SA: Yes, coots almost become other creatures (7)
SA: Underwear worn by poor actor in biblical role (7)
SA: Crustacean cannot be cooked for some members of the clergy (7)
SA: Group loses leader and is taken over by retrogressive group. Groups! (7)
SA: Groups entertaining soldiers, I hear (7)
SB: More than nine workers are boarders (7)
SB: A support husband gets during morning from Biblical patriarch (7)
SB: Tanzanian politician for New Year with King and Queen of England (7)
SB: Move about say, on public transport that's in the form of quadrilateral (7)
SB: Little sister without rest comes to grief and refuses to comply (7)
SB: Wore the crown and showered, say (7)
SB: Lady drops husband, goes on rendevouzs, puts to sleep (7)
SI: She forced Madeleine to dump me (7)
SI: Slam!! Boom!! Bam!! Maybe get people who can fix stuff (7)
SI: While in Spain, Steven named hybrid bee-ants (7)
SI: New position reached when good man exited turnstile (3)
SI: American leaders placed a Swiss unit inside a German military group (7)
SI: Insult a native inhabitant, answer to the queen! (7)
SSV: Confronts some gymnasts I serenaded around (7)
SSV: Blaise, mostly has love for US town (7)
SSV: Commercial slogan about European woman (7)
SSV: Price of song and food (7)
SSV: Tainted President in depression follows God (7)
SSV: Obscene, low sound, flipping in bed (7)
SSV: Ministers had dogs’ collars (7)
SSV: Lock-holder? (7) 4
SSV: Couple of points about king and prior (3)
SSV: #fun Book about a CCs Admin (3)
SSV: Expression of triumph from husband wearing glasses (3)
SSV: Comic character starting to play “Return of God” (3)
VM: Used a Tesla for concealing drugs (7)
VM: A fair arrangement about price of tickets (7)
VM: A saint perhaps, embracing Pergamum primarily (7)
VM: A poet polluted air with powdered soot (7)
VM: Revolutionary agency protected pets treated to be free of germs (7)
VM: A dancer, i.e. a star perhaps (7)
VM: Tommy's shaky, carrying silent sign of sickness (7)