A. Nasty sore mother, superior, has second rate replaced by some calmer heads (7)
   B. What this mob lacks, Abba then provides? (5 7)
   C. Important ice article bizarrely ignoring ecstasy (8)
   D. First step to treatment is taken after air support returned (9)
   E. Previously took broken wheels away (9)
   F. Afflicted by onset of fear, did not do at all well (6)
   G. He bowled good length, securing new maiden (caught!) and designer Sara ultimately (5 7)
   H. Hard treatment for colitis involving every aspect (8)
   I. They're made big & real cold, see? (8)
   J. Happy with sweet little bottle (6)
   K. Among thousands, four gain freedom of ruler (4 6)
   L. Applaud a number? Here's one! (8)
   M. We don't know what may sate Ray's need to destroy every article (7)
   N. Organisation backed races, an early lead taken (6)
   O. Homage in robe is antiquated (8)
   P. Start to build after losing time quietly returning what was built earlier (6)
   Q. Covering exit while covering back of hall (5)
   R. Playmaker in clothing, right to go (6 4)
   S. Soak ring in ocean product (7)
   T. China put ace off (6)
   U. Nasty judge lay out the odds (4)
   V. Clear victory laughable with king gone (7)
   W. They go to court with nothing but nasty sore (6)
   X. Stuff to make lamp turn 0-10 (5)
   Y. Mark Yule differently, as Jewish sport (8)
   Z. Identity adding Origin value (4)