A. Can ID's dangers unfold in how you target your post? (10)
 A. Utopians were to offer that which you seek (6)
 B. Various shrubs, by surrounding, are choking last of cockscomb next to rivers (8)
 B. Feature North British PM (5)
 C. Vehicle by which I capture quiet retiring depiction of character (10)
 C. Can IDs like this organise gin with cash? (7)
 D. Can ID be good, pursuing party? (3)
 E. Goes about forging IDs! (4)
 F. Can ID loud beast? (3)
 G. Mammoth performance at concert! (8)
 H. Can IDs be cover for seedy type that is essentially nasty? (7)
 I. Can ID state, superficially an Australian state, come to resemble a US state? (4)
 J. Discontinuities due to John's first expression of uncertainty with afterthought (5)
 K. A minor perhaps excites, getting right into digital proddings (10)
 L. With partial "A-Z", you'll find out to get rest (4)
 M. Twist and turn some metal up in a mess (10)
 N. Modern oracles bearing recent testament (10)
 O. New foundation in hours: building blitz! (6)
 O. Finished up side down? (4)
 P. King George welcomed by American carrier in ABC show (famous one seen here!) (7)
 Q. Nail attachment fast (5)
 R. Draws on gifts following instruction from clergy (10)
 S. Can IDs be those that pose these problems? (7)
 T. Time he produced article! (3)
 U. Quiet little push among Poles after union (8)
 V. Pass with respect to avoiding repetition (4)
 W. What will briefly sound like construction material (6)
 X. Commander an inert one? About to hop around! (8)
 Y. But one legendary beast (4)
 Z. Beginnings of the individual found in lazy "Go Team!" (6)