A. One to cure fellows with poet (they can be good for the constitution) (10)
  B. Lucky not having a stable arrangement (5)
  C. Approaching high ground, carry ammunition (10)
  D. Doctors control rearward movements of air (6)
  E. It may burn when snipping top off penis (5)
  F. Least restrained sort of prophet returning during extremes of ferment (6)
  G. A bit of spinning observatory gear? (4)
  H. One side never getting to the right corner? (10)
  I. Oceanic resident is eagle perhaps (8)
  J. Dancing jig, get big turn out (13)
  K. Massages among declared "essential services?" (6)
  L. Maybe steer with trombone? (8)
  M. Greater parts of general leadership missing in urban centres (10)
  N. Urbane attendants serve vodka like this mostly (4)
  O. Corgi as tickler, provided as a royal sexual indulgence? (9)
  P. Academic crazily cast out first three... and not in a sacred way! (9)
  Q. Moved second to last in group of four arriving close together (5)
  R. Goth sure beaten up... most unfair! (8)
  S. New plants lessen dig complications (9)
  T. Fierce contests for small container of ashes? Oddly, yes! (8)
  U. Does what you shouldn't to unmentionables.... snips top off (6)
  V. Security flaws are built in... veil's diverted! (15)
  W. In the end, swayed dramatically to centre in weekly working group (9)
  X. Inert, "Element Ten" excited none (5)
  Y. Still: an awesome thing hidden in the hills! (4)
  Z. You might try to catch some and get forty winks (4)