A. Turning heart of Jekyll, acid (as many do) really not disappointing, having purpose of overcoming natural resistance (15)
   B. Musician's brother taking turn with another musician (7)
   C. Trick lure makes for lack of respect (8)
   D. Numerous musicians are thus labelled cadavers essentially (4)
   E. Decorates more bride's stuff? (10)
   F. 'F' used a lot on keyboard (9)
   G. Arthritic guy to twist (5)
   H. Make less noise about tangled briar; just use this for untangling (9)
   I. Did a hospital conceal the state of nearly two million Americans? (5)
   J. Music with jiving and zig zagging leads (4)
   K. Bit of egg taking up place of sauces in vessels (7)
   L. Installs Windows, but no good (doesn't work!) (5)
   M. Royal cloaked in senior rank that is princess of Scotland (8)
   N. Corner pins point the wrong way ... you don't need written instructions for this sort of fix! (15)
   O. Uneven, it may ultimately be 13/8 rhythm perhaps? (6)
   P. One who makes careful study about love is less successful (6)
   Q. Divvying up accommodation (10)
   R. Moderate tear? Glue bits together (8)
   S. Composition gains true mark of identity (9)
   T. I met a source of musical inspiration (4 3)
   U. South is excluded from Northern Irish one, or hidden (8)
   V. Small country, one squeezed by two forms of containment (7)
   W. Crumbling in awe at her education (9)
   X. Some sexy lemurs that get juices flowing up trees (5)
   Y. Source of milk alternative lifting GI in those embracing Asian health regime (5)
   Z. Country atmosphere embraced in final stages of craze (5)