A. Everyone starts to understand value in active levying of deposits spread between banks (8)
   B. Sporty car picking up snippets of ABC radio station perhaps (11)
   C. Ultimately ironic, they being seen like ugliest ducklings! (7)
   D. This crap: "Do it! Otherwise..." (12)
   E. Deer is killed as source of insulation (6)
   F. Mostly Muslim people at home among peaceful animists (6)
   G. More energy used by kitchen utensil (7)
   H. Drops of blood sugar ... unhealthy possibilities involved! (5)
   I. India damaged having heartless Modi as despot (3 4)
   J. Dull month after its vacation (6)
   K. Ms Harris embraces quiet capital (7)
   L. Judge one of a pair which may be described as child-bearing? (8)
   M. Pointlessly controlling us, army politics! (8 4)
   N. How one might feel at sea, under storm... not right? (9)
   O. In naughty mood, reset clocks in cars (9)
   P. They treat the young ones, upsetting staid priest (11)
   Q. As unqualified doctor, lacking a couple of letters at end of name? (3)
   R. Rereading earlier code on machine, process it linking emended sources (9)
   S. Votes tossed into furnace (5)
   T. Leaders of torturous regime escaped with a definite fortune (8)
   U. Country seized by thug and army (6)
   V. Callings keeping Lisa from callings? (9)
   W. Careful to avoid a mocking (3)
   X. Anesthetic gas, deluxe: no nasties included (5)
   Y. They end with things often said about 'real' distances (8)
   Z. He shows his stripes in kamikaze brashness (5)