This is an "alpabetic jigsaw" format. There is exactly one entry in the grid starting with each letter of the alphabet, indicated by the index letter/s of the clue. You need to solve the clues AND work out where they go in the grid. If you'd like the 'normal' version of the same puzzle, it is here.

   A. Those who've got it may go fast (8)
   B. Animal has right body part (6)
   C. see D
   D,C. Caledonian racer, dead keen gun, taking sharp corner hard (5 9)
   E,M. Caledonian player excited anew by huge stadium, Roger returns (4 8)
   F. Sacrifice on behalf of identity (6)
   G. Tiring, as siesta cut short with extreme of farting (8)
   H. Enhanced, heeding the problem (10)
   I. Excessive ration... dine extravagantly! (10)
   J. Generation briefly abandoned character in Bowie song who had light brown hair (6)
   K. Special hooks lent visible features to timber panelling (9)
   L. Geese all contrived strange and difficult language (8)
   M. see E
   N. Ring inserted into facial features, and neckties not favoured (6)
   O. Ace prevents doom madly, and is excessively corrected (15)
   P. Inclination to write song (8)
   Q. It could secure bolts during vibration (6)
   R. It's worse to come back and experience a second time (6)
   S. Animal housing harbouring listeria outbreak, as lacking hygiene (9)
   T. Practices putting plants in containers for film (13)
   U. Subtle indication of turning carmine, not red? Nuances! (9)
   V. Like a glass of vinegar in the rough endings, or unbearably sour beginnings (8)
   W. God's first in weed cultivation club (5)
   X. Ox has strange and difficult language (5)
   Y. Volleyed up the middle getting wild audience response (4)
   Z. In first part of promised land, criminal mob character dazed at being risen from the dead (5)