This is an "alpabetic jigsaw" puzzle. There is exactly one answer starting with each letter of the alphabet, indicated by the index letter/s of the clue. You need to solve the clues AND work out where they go in the grid. If you'd like the 'normal' version of the same puzzle, it is here. Capital letters in parentheses are cross references to other answers.

  A. Path able to be reconstructed in sequence of letters (8)
  B. One might advocate using ferret, sir: rabbits thereby brought up (9)
  C. Nostalgic henna inscription shows where (A) CEO is from (7)
  D. Healer possessed, lost, at sea (7)
  E. Perhaps Leylands, with exhibition including first of Ladas, regularly urge trust (9)
  F. Type of distillation of ground canola, first to remove source of smell (10)
  G. Fancy wine of good variety (6)
  H. Afghans perhaps first to hear new sound (6)
  I. Crack, cigs, beer... these things might sink you (8)
  J. Benjamin endlessly baffled about second source of smell (7)
  K. Reisigning after King captured knight... rotten luck! (9)
  L. Haiti annul direction from Europe (10)
  M. Oddly mean, Durban's a city now known as (C) (6)
  N. Light thrown into corners of mountain country (8)
  O. After turning strange hue, actor was actively offered help  (8)
  P. State of cramp cured with oil (8)
  Q. Contest of a couple of pints against love? (6)
  R. Dare to change interpretation (4)
  S. (T) sports team on-court actions winning bonus (5 5)
  T. Maid aunt upset about end of traditional name for (M) state (5 4)
  U. Tragic dupe, Charlie was taken in and lost his lunch in the States (9)
  V. Whenever Dunkirk mentioned, earlier battle recalled by many (6)
  W. Noisily sought one's attention, as a nag will? (8)
  X. Brief festivals of sex taking American uncle back (6)
  Y. Leninist Leyland, a vehicle for turning first Russian president (7)
  Z. Loopback network measurement specific to area (5)