This is an "alpabetic jigsaw" puzzle. There is exactly one answer starting with each letter of the alphabet, indicated by the index letter/s of the clue. You need to solve the clues AND work out where they go in the grid. If you'd like the 'normal' version of the same puzzle, it is here. Capital letters in parentheses are cross references to other answers.

NOTE: the first letter of the answer has been ignored in the word play for each clue.

   A. When all stripped, lusty Fran & pliant Pru's flesh showed... at which [R] stood out! (10 5)
   B. Where a reader might go in work involving clever hooks (8)
   C. Kernot leading Democrats with her lefty political ends (6)
   D. To allow a wider range of approaches, get a luge rebuilt with turning limited (10)
   E. Guts of mangled starling start to gloop out (8)
   F. Run away from flipping fish (4)
   G. Ran a dull program about a secretive body part? (9)
   H. Take note from start of "Sunshine of Your Love" being played in E (4)
   I. Declare on ten out? (6)
   J. Most uneven, dilapidated keister (8)
   K. Network of racists? (4)
   L. Designer, getting one in, knocked Ustinov out (5 7)
   M. English had English bunker (8)
   N. Kennedy (second brother): ask what man has, at heart, to offer state? (8)
   O. Beaten at cover and extra cover (8)
   P. He played tennis with returned commissar & PM (a set each conceded) (4 7)
   Q. Union with a pig and a clam (6)
   R. Those leading in year's end votes revealed a hero twice receiving eminent Brownlow... original returning champion! (6 6)
   S. More delicately constructed pride that is right, but the right to that pride is delayed (9)
   T. Finish for you on tops of some keys? (4)
   U. Poles' crazy sale opens (7)
   V. Energy to block (4)
   W. Someone on the stand turning, essentially dissenting (7)
   Y. Food Sam cooked (4)
   X. Fellows who can be uncanny? (1-3)
   Z. Turns out to be some cetirizine with ritzy packaging? (6)