This is an "alpabetic jigsaw" puzzle. There is exactly one answer starting with each letter of the alphabet, indicated by the index letter/s of the clue. You need to solve the clues AND work out where they go in the grid. If you'd like the 'normal' version of the same puzzle, it is here.

   A. They do not deny the beast a soul, and it is man's undoing! (8)
   B. Package of blue stuff sent around New Delhi (6)
   C. Bass playing band leader, delightful American captivating the French (7 6)
   D. Singer turned actress, compelled to do TV when still in debt a year after sordid fiasco (5 3)
   E. Pass past extremely ripe? (6)
   F. Enable it at entering? Too easy! (10)
   G. Finally getting to marry a painter (4)
   H. They sterilise syringes: hit otherwise right out! (10)
   I. Tried to get more information when confining Rex mostly in pound (8)
   J. Mad Jedi devoured beast and danced (6)
   K. Root came up alongside, covered in bumps (6)
   L. The sort of jobs people were once used to fill - gone, sadly (8)
   M. Barbara who sung and played country lines after strange dream about Nashville opening (8)
   N. Can Guarani upset Sandinista perhaps? (10)
   O. Filth in rivers in north of Australia and England (6)
   P. Game with unusual penalty: having ten pieces removed (4)
   Q. Squarely in the wrong, hands down crook! (6)
   R. Dropping back and shouting again? (10)
   S. Played shinty, getting around captain with good cutting (8)
   T. Beats ants all over the place (4)
   U. Try sunglasses out, as president keen to allow various shades among federal officers (7 1. 5)
   V. Wandering lions visit some pit workers (10)
   W. As they say, the casino always does in Las Vegas resort (4)
   X. God turned plodding fellow with irrational number in burning bush (10)
   Y. Oddly yummier feature of Norse legend (4)
   Z. Shandong city's cycle business briefly returning (4)