Orrin Konheim is a journalist working in the US. You can see - and support - some of his work here.

1.	Candy bar before education? That was a laugh (9)
6.	Routine bath I take openly (5)
9.	In the end, Hugh got half a car and board game but he's a man with no ear (3,4)
10.	What can be done for photos in French gibberish glare (7)
11.	A Virginia gardner? (3)
12.	People can't make it for a light snack before the cutting up of the pig (2,5)
13.	Man with superpowers dressed up in red. Change and change at last (7)
14.	Ruler of the underworld owned oriental sirens finally (5)
16.	Erects in gables (8)
19.	The first fog in coda. Tornado's quite the natural disaster (3,2,3)
21.	3 protocol puts this on C emissions (5)
24.	Legendary story of a boy and heavy noise (7)
26.	At last, north for south, a hub for delta (7)
28.	What can be high or low 27 estimate (3)
29.	Land form of Panama is Greek? Character inside this one is lost (7)
30.	Spend big for a spanish luge that covers a large radius	(7)
31.	Famous brother and film maker Howard after sobriety program (5)
32.	Sweetly after every other player, I see a friend (9)
1.	Jazz chords produced at bizarre events where teenagers learn (8)
2.	32 recited "aye" in iced water that was treated	(7)
3.	From Japanese capital to city in Honshu (5)
4.	Recollecting and awkwardly share a timeless thing (9)
5.	The Dr. encountering the return of bombshell West is quite the fantasy (5)
6.	Brag about Holly upstairs having lost a pound. I will not be left with treasure (4, 5)
7.	It's a tool of strength that there are two ways to enter the tower of Babel (7)
8.	Rome was flooded in one true earth-shattering event (6)
15.	Dartangan, who fights fish in miniature,  primarily avoids noblemen (9)
17.	Comedy show is formed as cars die in a blaze (3,6)
18.	Plan to rate the most kid-friendly entertainment in mess (8)
20.	Rat scurrying inside Cher's rental (7)
22.	You'll often find this in the mine rail if I'm taken away (7)
23.	Misreading of radius within Miami International Airport identifies docking port (6)
25.	Space agency left country. Sounding voice (5)
27.	At the age of 50, I almost lack a flower (5)