2019 CFTD Christmas ... Jigsaw Version

Since they are both "of their time" clues, and it's Christmas 2019, you are gifted the location for 20, 19.
From there on, you'll need to solve clues AND work out where they fit into the grid. Good luck!
(Find the [easier] regular version here.)

Clues: (20 Across) RL: World Series winner, naturally, is showing off! (3) (19 Down) SA: Atmosphere ok, they say, if we spend less on this? (7) VM: A row about German woman's name (7) CO: Exclaim surprise, taken aback, by mammal having sex at home (7) NB: A step in the right direction for dancer (7) SSV: Fleet follows source of Nile river (7) NR: A saint upset about second apostle was the one who was burnt alive (7) SSV: More expensive sterilizers, less virulent, taken off (7) SSV: John gets surprising win on top of dangerous peak (7) SSV: Figure sum, Bohr set (7) SI: Gathers clues without an informer (7) RVB: He tilts amazingly for a Scottish honour (7) LMi: Crazy English beast for Spanish crocodile hunter! (7) NB: Briefly studied odd years-old accounting system in China (3) VM: A bad actor followed a supporter of Lincoln perhaps (7) LMi: Paciest surgery is clean (7) RVB: Styles lead to Californian city (7) RL: Yes! Buckeye state loses one. (3) CO: Bad posture for groups of dancers, perhaps (7) CFJ: One known for night visitors was not in time, perhaps (7) NB: Consult Anabelle about raisin (7) SI: Prissy MP to misinterpret revealing expression (7) SK: Endures, with sisters around (7) SB: Tribal chief of South America, a Spanish dude and Master of Science (7) JH: Foreign politician in New York before the Queen comes back (7) VM: Exist in shared accommodation (3) JH: The rain falling - it's on my head (7) RL: Ant Man is in a happy mood (3) JL: Tarnish starts to come off -- rust remover usually promotes that (7) JL: Ran the show carelessly, in greed (7) SSV: Swimmer's starting to lambast claim of being a victim (7) SA: Here, heading off before ... (3) RVB: Grand nut (or orator) in retirement is seen to be pompous (7) RL: Madam found to be first programmer! (3) PGN: Calms by taking Selenium on appointments (7) CFJ: They rent for one night, initially, in portable shelters (7) RL: Enlightens and deifies, more or less (7) SI: Longer hair, with the hairpin in the middle (7) LMu: Shift seat around, leaving aside husband and model in carnivals (7) CO: Wild! Animals are shy with dirty toes (7) DMK: Serendipity for Melody (7) CO: Starts to cover a modern crib strangely in fine cotton (7) NB: Walks around city with stately homes (7) JJ: Mostly harmless person has ring of fire (7) MC: Snakes having a dump can be found in sewers, perhaps (7) SA: A Spanish river's too short for old Italian poet (7) CFJ: Volume one: a point in fiction (3) SA: Is Spanish to dart wildly across a Spanish road (7)

All clues composed by Clue-For-The-Day participants at the Facebook Cryptic Crossword Society page.

Key: CFJ: Chris FA Johnson, CO: Camelia Oberoi, DMK: Debbie Manber Kupfer, JH: Joel Hess, JJ: John Johnson, JL: Jeremy Landig, LMi: Luke Mitchell, LMu: Lata Muthanna, MC: Marcus Carli, NB: Neha Bhandari, NR: Neelima Rai, PGN: Phoenix Griffin Newton, RL: Roy Leban, RVB: Rhiannon Vivian-Bolt, SA: Steve Allen, SB: Sudha Bhaskaran, SI: Santosh Iyer, SK: Samit Kallianpur, SSV: SSv Avtaar, VM: Vaibhav Mathur

Additional clues not used...

CO: Rebelliously defies holding one who morally instructs (7)
CO: Feast is cooked for carnivals (7)
CO: So fancy - Riz naughtily having sex with the queen (7)
CO: The powerful unravel or undo time (7)
JH: Sounds like a pig's call to itself in Rome (3)
JH: Wild, numberless Etruscan clergymen (7)
JL: Prices for travel are including sketchy, unlimited tariff (7)
JL: Half of arenas exist (3)
NH: The French legislator really dropped everything for fish (7)
NH: River has new fleet (7)
NH: Selfies tastefully captured celebrations (7)
NH: Queens, New York, previously engaged leading Tanzanian politician (7)
NH: First, man curtailed woman perhaps? (3)
NH: Exclamation of surprise from husband caught between 2 loves (3)
RL: If I can start after a lobbying group, it'll be peaceful (7)
RL: Father ties up Buckingham, Kensington, and others (7)
RL: Scottish emblem ⇒ TLE (7)
RL: Lots of money backing song (7)
RL: Cafeteria mesh are laced with a trace of flavor (7)
RL: Lynn would hear about an Antarctic peak (7)
RVB: Hat covers a bit of the environment (7)
RVB: Peaceful music if I capture returning feature (7)
RVB: First man ran back to a river (7)
RVB: Clerical assistants' rodent is surrounded by signs (7)
SA: Foolish temptation, not apt strangely, to see old composer (7)
SA: Duller? Introduce ecstacy! Lost, I returned and took charge (7)
SA: Doctor takes crazy hours to get in shape (7)
SA: More glamorous hotelier? (7)
SA: PS Tommy played with something like a cough (7)
SA: Confusingly, Saint Paul's not half a saint (7)
SA: Cut off start of material, sew in start of material, hem with piece of cotton material (7)
SA: Yes, coots almost become other creatures (7)
SA: Underwear worn by poor actor in biblical role (7)
SA: Crustacean cannot be cooked for some members of the clergy (7)
SA: Group loses leader and is taken over by retrogressive group. Groups! (7)
SA: Groups entertaining soldiers, I hear (7)
SB: More than nine workers are boarders (7)
SB: A support husband gets during morning from Biblical patriarch (7)
SB: Tanzanian politician for New Year with King and Queen of England (7)
SB: Move about say, on public transport that's in the form of quadrilateral (7)
SB: Little sister without rest comes to grief and refuses to comply (7)
SB: Wore the crown and showered, say (7)
SB: Lady drops husband, goes on rendevouzs, puts to sleep (7)
SI: She forced Madeleine to dump me (7)
SI: Slam!! Boom!! Bam!! Maybe get people who can fix stuff (7)
SI: While in Spain, Steven named hybrid bee-ants (7)
SI: New position reached when good man exited turnstile (3)
SI: American leaders placed a Swiss unit inside a German military group (7)
SI: Insult a native inhabitant, answer to the queen! (7)
SSV: Confronts some gymnasts I serenaded around (7)
SSV: Blaise, mostly has love for US town (7)
SSV: Commercial slogan about European woman (7)
SSV: Price of song and food (7)
SSV: Tainted President in depression follows God (7)
SSV: Obscene, low sound, flipping in bed (7)
SSV: Ministers had dogs' collars (7)
SSV: Lock-holder? (7) 4
SSV: Couple of points about king and prior (3)
SSV: #fun Book about a CCs Admin (3)
SSV: Expression of triumph from husband wearing glasses (3)
SSV: Comic character starting to play "Return of God" (3)
VM: Used a Tesla for concealing drugs (7)
VM: A fair arrangement about price of tickets (7)
VM: A saint perhaps, embracing Pergamum primarily (7)
VM: A poet polluted air with powdered soot (7)
VM: Revolutionary agency protected pets treated to be free of germs (7)
VM: A dancer, i.e. a star perhaps (7)
VM: Tommy's shaky, carrying silent sign of sickness (7)