Ben's Cryptic Crosswords - Archives

A fresh cryptic crossword puzzle published every Wednesday HERE!

All puzzles on this page are my original work, with the slight exception of "High Society" which has ten clues and "CFTD Christmas" and "December 26 - CFTD Christmas II" which have all their clues drawn from the "Clue for the Day" contest on the Cryptic Crossword Society facebook group. If you would like to contact me, feedback is always welcome. My email address is: (click to reveal)

I also wrote the crossword interface myself. It's all in javascript, and is available as a forkable project here on gitHub.

If you enjoy my puzzles, the greatest way to show your appreciation (other than to give me a job, if you happen to be a newspaper proprietor) is to pass on a link to anyone else you know who might also enjoy them. Just right-click on the link above to one of the puzzles, select "Copy link address" and then you can paste it into an email or a post on social media.

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